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Are located in Platanos of mountain Nafpaktia and since August 2008 they have welcomed all those who love mountainous Greek nature.

The visitor is fascinated by a sensual and enjoyable journey through the beautiful forests where the oak, fir, beech, platan, chestnut trees alternate and in some places all exist together, giving a unique and unique color. These excellent ecological conditions in the area are an ideal place for the survival of large and small mammals and birds.

The most important wildlife, birds and reptiles of the region's ecosystem are wild boars, deer, r, foxes, wolves, s, ferrets, hares, hedgehogs, squirrels and others. From the point of view of birds, there are partridges, phases, vultures, swallows, beetles, vulture, grouse, woodpeckers, owls and some couples of kings and golden eagles. In terms of fish, Evinos River also maintains some species of fish with prominent wild trouts, but also eels, gills, thorns, cherubs, chaosourtes .

Some of the unique features of the ecosystem are the beech forest on the southern side of the Saranta mountain (2000 m high) is the southernmost beech forest in Europe and is distinguished by the tropical form of the trees. Interestingly, they also cause about two hundred kinds of mushrooms, of which 70 are edible and three of them are discovered for the first time in Europe. Finally, 6 species of woodpecker live in the area, of which one is very rare in tropical colors.

The guest House  is open all year round and is an ideal choice for an experiential  trip escape in a traditional and historical village of mountainous Greece

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