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Personalized Services

Market research and analysis

Mystery Guest Service

 Participation in exhibitions

 Budget forecast

 Consulting on Operation Management

 Evaluation of existing hotel units

→  Recruiting Executives

→  Recruiting trainees

→  Training Employees and Managerial Staff

→  Advertising and Marketing Plan

→  Three-days forecast

→  Website creation or upgrade

→  Social Media Management (Facebook, Instagram etc)

→  Reservation Management

→  Sales promotion

→  Statistical studies and customer rating

→  Food and Beverage Management

→  Erection - Renovation and Development of hotel units

→  Organization charts based on payroll savings

→  Pricing policy

→  Assessment and functional improvements based on modern hotel culture

→  Supply of raw materials and consumables

→  Quality and Technical Control

→  Organization and operation of departments

→  Control on Rooms' availability and occupancy

→  Targeted Sales and selection of new markets

→  Development of innovative hotels

→  Financial engineering studies for new investments

→  Organization of Fitness Center and SPA

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